Ani Turner

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Strategies to Advance Insulin Affordability in the United States

  How did insulin become unaffordable for millions of Americans and what can policymakers do about it? Altarum's new report, Strategies to Advance Insulin Affordability in the United States, answers this question and provides a detailed set of policy proposals to make insulins affordable to patients and payers through federal regulation, market…

Impacts of Prior Authorization on Health Care Costs and Quality

This brief summarizes the use of prior authorization policies for coverage of health care goods and services and reviews the evidence on cost and quality impacts of these policies. Click here to download this report.

Emergency Medical Services in Detroit: Progress and Potential

Introduction In 2013, the city of Detroit had fewer than 10 working ambulances. A 911 caller with a medical emergency was likely to wait 20 minutes or more for help to arrive, and there was no consistent assessment of data. Emergency medical services (EMS) response and firefighting were completely separate…